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Our business

Fidelity International provides world-class investment solutions and retirement expertise to institutions, individuals and their advisers - to help our global clients build better futures for themselves and generations to come. As a private company, we think generationally and invest for the long term.

Helping clients to save for retirement and other long-term investing objectives has been at the core of our business for more than 50 years. Established in 1969 as the international arm of Fidelity Investments, founded in Boston in 1946, Fidelity International became independent of the US organisation in 1980.

Currently, Fidelity International serves investors across the globe outside of North America. With over 8,400 employees across 25 locations, Fidelity has a reputation as one of the world’s most successful long-term investment managers, with total client assets (assets under management and assets under administration) of US$584 bn*.

Fidelity International in India

An integral part of the global organisation, Fidelity International, India has the biggest site for any Fidelity office outside the UK. Our India operations started in 2001 in Gurugram, Haryana and since then we have seen a significant growth in our operations.

Our journey has seen us grow to about 3,000+ employees today, working in world-class facilities in Gurugram and Noida. From our first small steps in India, we have continuously added to the range of our services and world-class projects, all achieved through the zeal of a start-up but with the experience and breadth of expertise that flows from Fidelity’s years of proven success and integrity to clients.

What Fidelity International offers

We offer our own investment solutions and access to those of others, and deliver services relating to investing.

For individual investors and their advisers

Fidelity provides guidance to help them invest in a simple and cost-effective way.

For institutions, pension funds, banks and insurers

We offer tailored investment solutions, consultancy and full-service outsourcing of asset management.

For employers

We provide workplace pension administration services on top of, or independently from, investment management.

Fidelity International is present in 25 locations

World Map - Fidelity International is present in 26 countries

Fidelity International, Gurugram

FIL India Business and Research Services Private Limited, Building No. 9, Candor TechSpace, Sector- 48, Gurugram, Haryana - 122018  Phone: +91-124-6151000

Fidelity International, Noida

FIL India Business and Research Services Private Limited, Building No.10, Candor TechSpace, Sector-135, Noida, Uttar Pradesh - 201304 Phone: +91-120-4597000

Our Functional Leaders

Babu Thiagarajan

Babu Thiagarajan

Country General Manager and Head of Technology, India

Alok Loyalka

Alok Loyalka

Chief Financial Officer, India

Ameet Nayak

Ameet Nayak

Head of Legal, India

Gagan Gupta

Gagan Gupta

Head of India Distribution Operations

Harish Kukreja

Harish Kukreja

Head of HR - India

Adrian Odgers

Manya Punyani

Head of Digital - India

Nitin Sharma

Nitin Sharma

Head of Research (India & Dalian)

Rohini Kaul

Rohini Kaul

Associate Director - Corporate Affairs

​Roshni Jayakar

​Roshni Jayakar

Head of Investment Fund Analysts

Sachin Bakliwal

Sachin Bakliwal

Head of Analytics, India

Sunil Dhawan

Sunil Dhawan

Director, Corporate Services

Vikas Tyagi

Vikas Tyagi

Global Head of Finance Shared Services

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Fidelity International, we seek to integrate our business operations and values so that the interests of Fidelity’s clients, shareholders, employees and communities are reflected in company policies and the actions we take every day.

We take our social responsibility seriously. Through our pro-active approach to Social Responsibility we are committed to supporting the communities where we operate by partnering with non-profit organisations and involving our employees.

In India, we are focussed on supporting the causes of Education, Disability and Skill Development for the under-served, in addition to Environmental Sustainability through various projects that our employees are actively involved in through their volunteering efforts.

Some projects that we are fostering:

Project Udaan

Fidelity’s Project Udaan (which means ‘to soar’ in Hindi), in association with Lotus Petal Foundation, is committed to providing a life of dignity to over a hundred children from under-served communities in Gurugram through free, high quality education, nutrition and healthcare.

Project Uday

Fidelity’s Project Uday (meaning ‘sunrise’ in Hindi), in association with the SETU Foundation in Noida, provides education through middle and high school to over a hundred under-served children, when they are most vulnerable to dropping out of school.

Project Srijan

Fidelity’s Project Srijan (meaning ‘to create’ in Hindi), in association with Khushboo Welfare Society, is dedicated to working with children and adolescents with special needs and to helping them through therapeutic programmes and other special learning interventions so they can learn to live as self-sufficiently as possible.

Project Saksham

Fidelity’s Project Saksham (which means ‘competent’ in Hindi), in association with the SETU Foundation, supports the skill development of hundreds of under-served young people in Noida wherein they are trained in various vocational skills so they can lead a life of dignity.

Project Green Gurgaon

Through Project Green Gurgaon in association with NASSCOM, Fidelity in India has rejuvenated a stretch of a decrepit water barrage in Gurugram to transform it into a beautifully forested linear park as part of our support for the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

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