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A lot happens at the offices of Fidelity International in India. Beyond our daily work, we help our communities, engage audiences at conferences and workshops; and above all we learn from our peers.

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Upcoming event: Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Summit

Fidelity International is joining hands with NASSCOM to host the D&I Summit.

Renowned industry leaders − including Fidelity speakers Babu Thiagarajan (Country General Manager and Head of Technology, India), Carol Vahey (COO, Taiwan), Julien Haye (Head of Operational Risk) and Arnab Biswas (Manager- Group Finance)− will share their thoughts on diversity & inclusion. The sponsorship ties in perfectly with our focus on strengthening the inclusive culture at Fidelity.

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Summit

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Workspace the Fidelity way

Fidelity's consistent focus on initiating great workplaces.

Richard Watton Richard Watton
Head of Corporate Property Services, Fidelity International
22 Nov 2018

Minds behind the best workspaces in India

Fidelity's new workspace in Gurgaon.

Sunil Dhawan Sunil Dhawan
Director of Corporate Property Services, Fidelity International
01 Sep 2018

Creating connections

Fidelity's new office space in Gurgaon mirrors the company's values and culture.

Publication Publication
Commercial Design
01 Jun 2018

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

Understanding AI risks & opportunities.

Babu Thiagarajan Babu Thiagarajan
Country General Manager & Head of Technology, India
03 Apr 2018

Managing the economics of people business

Insights on the changing business ecosystem and the future of work.

Ranjani Kearsley Ranjani Kearsley
Head of HR, Fidelity International
04 Feb 2018

Previous articles

HR Tech: It is not only about HR

Babu Thiagarajan shares his views on how technology can benefit employees.

Babu Thiagarajan
Babu Thiagarajan
Country General Manager & Head of Technology, India
30 Jan 2018

Design essential to good digital experience

Ian Hood gives his perspective on the importance of digital-focused hiring.

Ian Hood
Ian Hood
Chief Digital Officer
04 Apr 2017

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