Asset management company Fidelity International, which manages pension funds of large companies and also helps financial advisers and direct clients invest, is focusing on hiring designers, user-experience architects, web analysts, content producers and publishers, and technology specialists, to create layout websites that are easy to use by its clients across the world.

“It is very common in India to have large technology organisations, large data organisations. But we are one of the first to actually also have designers and UX (user experience) architects to create layout websites so that they are easy to use for our clients in other parts of the world,” Ian Hood, head of digital at Fidelity International told ET.

As with other industries, Fidelity says its customers are also interacting with them through mobile as the primary medium.

Organisations across the board have realized the importance of good design to attract and retain customers. According to Adobe’s Creative Pulse Survey last year, 98% creative professionals in India believe that creativity and design thinking are more important to business in the country, which is higher than the APAC average of 89%.

The same survey found that across the world, creative professionals felt that UI/UX (user interface/user experience) design will be the most in demand skill this year, followed by app development and digital storytelling.

“In terms of attracting talent there is a quarter of a million people in India, skilled in this sort of space - in the areas I have mentioned already. So, there is plenty of talent in India, it is growing all the time. There are more and more universities with syllabuses training this kind of thing - 250,000 in India, growing all the time,” said Hood.

He added that apart from the technological ability, one of things that helps India is the ability to empathise with people, which is a very critical part of designing online experiences – “understanding what the user wants, empathising with our clients and our customers,” he said.

Fidelity is also looking at biometrics and artificial intelligence, and banking and payments as big opportunities going forward.

Please note the article was originally published in the Economic Times on 04 April 2017.

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