Alongside his statement, a picture of Jetley was shared, symbolizing Fidelity’s dedication to environmental responsibility.

Fidelity International, a renowned investment management firm, has set ambitious goals for achieving net zero at a corporate level by 2030 and for its investments by 2050. Central to Fidelity’s approach is the integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into investment decision-making processes. This strategy is further reinforced by comprehensive research and insights, as well as an active ownership program that fosters collaboration with invested companies to drive sustainable investment outcomes.

The company firmly believes that sustainable investing will soon become mainstream worldwide. Fidelity recognizes the pivotal role of technology in enabling and advancing its ESG objectives. Emphasizing the importance of green technology, Fidelity aims to strike a balance as reliance on technology increases.

Fidelity International is dedicated to embracing sustainable practices within its own operations. This includes simple measures such as minimizing paper usage, as well as utilizing advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to enhance decision-making processes. The company also leverages innovative digital tools to connect its global teams, fostering diverse perspectives and creating a more inclusive workplace that drives innovation.

Jetly affirmed Fidelity’s long-term view and commitment to the planet. As custodians of the environment, Fidelity aims to contribute positively and leave a better world for future generations. By prioritizing sustainable investing and implementing environmentally responsible practices, Fidelity International is paving the way towards a more sustainable and prosperous future.


The quote was published in India CSR in June 2023.

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