Working at Fidelity International

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Our values

Fidelity International upholds the values of innovation, excellence and integrity that have driven our business for nearly five decades.


Being willing to experiment and try new and better ways to serve our clients.


Striving to be the best while knowing we can always be better next time.


Taking personal responsibility for always acting in the best interests of our clients.


A way of life

At Fidelity International, innovation is at the heart of all that we do. It plays out not just in the realm of technology, but it also drives how we are designing our workspaces, our collaboration platforms. This approach to innovation is a key aspect of our culture. It has led to an inspiring atmosphere that fosters disruptive thinking and also allows our people to trial emerging technologies.

Innovation at Fidelity International in India

Collaborating with diverse global teams

Working with teams across the globe to meet client needs

Fidelity is truly an international, multi-cultural organisation. India constitutes almost a third of Fidelity’s global employee base and supports almost all business functions across the company’s global footprint, giving employees the chance to work with colleagues around the world.

Collaboration at Fidelity International in India

Equal Opportunity

We are an equal opportunity employer

Fidelity is an equal opportunity employer. We value people for the skills and experience that they bring to the table, irrespective of race, religion, geography, gender, disability or sexual orientation. We focus on providing world class investment solutions for our clients and hire the best people to help us achieve this aim.

Equal Opportunity at Fidelity International in India

Learning & Development

A dynamic environment that encourages constant learning

In order to ensure that our workforce is equipped to deal with change, we offer learning opportunities on a wide range of technical and soft skills to employees. Our Learning & Development framework includes a network of internal and external trainers and coaches, as well as leading online resources.

Learning and Development at Fidelity International in India

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