Corporate Social Responsibility at Fidelity International

At Fidelity International, we seek to make a positive impact in the communities where we live and work. Given our purpose of ‘Working together to build better financial futures’, we believe that we can't be successful unless we make a positive impact on all of our stakeholders, including the communities in which we operate.

We have a pro-active approach towards Corporate Social Responsibility and are committed to help build a more sustainable and inclusive society by partnering with non-profit organisations and involving our employees through volunteering efforts. In India, our initiatives are focused on supporting five major causes of Environment, Education, Disability, Skill Development, Healthcare, Natural Calamity.

Environment | Building a sustainable environment

As an organisation, we seek innovative ways to limit the impact our operations have on the environment and are conscious of the need to implement good environmental practices for the benefit of our employees, their families, and our communities. We actively participate in initiatives to help improve the environment around us.

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Education | Nurturing the upcoming generation for a better future

Education is one of the focus areas for Fidelity International in India and we partner with several organisations that work on providing education to children. But education cannot be seen in the context of classroom teaching alone. As children need to be receptive to the lessons, the state of mind and health of the students are equally important factors that determine their ability to absorb the lessons imparted. So, the education projects include provision of food and healthcare in addition to books, uniforms, teachers’ salaries, teaching aids, as well as provision of infrastructure for the schools. These are also not one-year projects. Children need to be supported through the school journey, as do the teachers.

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Skill Development | Supporting Livelihoods

Fidelity invests in the skilling of adult learners, which has an immediate and measurable effect on employability and can transform lives. Through various CSR Projects, in association with NGOs, Fidelity provides training to youth who lack the opportunity and resources for getting skilled per industry requirements.

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Disability | Supporting an inclusive society 

Fidelity International supports the holistic development of the differently abled students with life skills and therapeutic programs to enable them to handle personal needs and live a better life. In 2019, Fidelity supported 4.5 months of operational expenses for Khushboo including Life skill development, Therapeutic support and Transportation. Fidelity is also working to provide support on Physiotherapy and Gymnasium, Occupational Therapy (OT) with multi-sensory integration room, computer laboratory, special teaching aids and transportation.

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Natural Calamities

Our colleagues have raised funds to help support people impacted by natural calamities. Over the last few years, they have raised funds for the Assam Flood Relief Fund, Odisha Relief Fund and the PM CARES Fund. Fidelity supports these fundraises by adding to the employee contributions.

INR 1,646,800 has been raised by employees based in India via crowdfunding for the PM CARES Fund. Fidelity has also partially matched the employee contributions, taking the total contribution to INR 2,522,022.

Health care

Fidelity works with VIDYA School to provide mid-day meals and health care services to over 450 primary school students from under-served communities in Gurugram. The project aims to ensure better health outcomes for the students. We also sponsor the ongoing presence of a nurse, as well as regular visits by a doctor for health check-ups for students.
We have worked with Lotus Petal to build a kitchen and purchase equipment for it. The kitchen is used to serve freshly cooked breakfast and lunch to the students.

Supporting during these extremely challenging times - COVID Contributions and initiatives

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the perception of business-as-usual. Today, the value of being a good corporate citizen goes past the pride and gratification of providing simple philanthropic support for well-intentioned goals. Strong and consistent CSR policies have become a cornerstone of the character of many brands.

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CSR Committee members are:

  • Mr Nitin Sharma
  • Mr Ameet Nayak
  • Ms. Alokita Jha

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