COVID contributions and initiatives


Fidelity International in India is committed to making a meaningful difference in the immediate community through participatory and need-based initiatives that best serve the interest of the under-served and deprived sections of society. As a response to the current humanitarian crisis in the country, the following measures have been implemented through our CSR program:


  • 10,000+ COVID19 vaccines for less privileged in association with Lotus Petal Foundation
  • Monthly dry ration support for one year to 1600 families of pregnant ladies, lactating mothers and kids of up to 5 years from 8 slums in association with our partner NGO SUKARYA
  • Up to one months of dry ration support for 1600 less privileged families from the slums of Gurugram and Noida during the second wave of COVID19 pandemic in association with our NGO partners Lotus Petal, Vidya and SETU

FIL-LP 10K Vaccination Drive Video


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