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Fidelity International has been associated with Lotus Petal and SETU for more than 3 years and with our support, the schools have been able to transform their infrastructure, model and ways of working. Through Projects Udaan in Lotus Petal and Projects Uday and Saksham in SETU respectively, Fidelity has supported the education of 291 less-privileged children in 2019.

Project Udaan

Fidelity’s Project Udaan, in association with Lotus Petal Foundation, is committed to providing a life of dignity to over a hundred children from under-served communities in Gurugram through free, high-quality education, nutrition, and healthcare.

*Udaan means ‘to soar’ in Hindi

Project Uday

Fidelity’s Project Uday, in association with the SETU Foundation in Noida, provides education through middle and high school to over a hundred underprivileged children, when they are most vulnerable to dropping out of school.

*Uday means ‘sunrise’ in Hindi

Beneficiaries of SETU Foundation

 Shalini Garewal

"SETU is my home and I feel protected all the time. SETU has given me friends who have always been there in all my ups and downs. I am thankful to the SETU family for support and providing me with a platform where I could present my talent."

 Manish Arya

" SETU provided me with an environment that made me grow as a person with confidence. Thank you SETU family!"

 Teena Haldar

"The SETU family lifted me when I was weak, thank you for having faith in me. It was because of SETU’s love and support that I was able to excel in my academics."

Construction of classroom

Fidelity has sponsored the construction of a new classroom on the premises of Lotus Petal school.

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