Innovation @ Fidelity

Innovation for us is a way of life, not something to be placed on an altar for ceremonial reverence, but to be naturally permeated into our daily lives - in everything we do, every time and everywhere."

Babu Thiagarajan, Country General Manager and Head of Technology, Fidelity International, India

We put our people at the centre of our entire innovation thinking and invested heavily on the empowerment & enablement, besides creating access to internal facilities and wider industry/economy knowledge sources.

Innovation that is for everyone, everywhere and for everything!

Virtual onboarding - Building a unique Employee Experience through Innovation

The Covid-19 situation hasn’t deterred us, and we have shifted gear to the next level. We want to take the current situation as an opportunity to learn, grow and challenge old habits. Sustaining the current crisis is a marathon and not a sprint, and hence it was critical that we switch gears to endure and embrace the new normal.

As new hires come on board during the lockdown, we have reinvented ourselves and made the shift from physical onboarding programmes to innovative, fully virtual experiences aimed at making the new joinees working from home feel included and welcome. We give them a virtual reality office tour using VR and 360-degree video technology to showcase our office space. It is also a step to get global employees closer to remote workplaces.

We train employees using Augmented Reality (AR) that is more immersive, and employees may be more likely to retain what they have learned if they can get hands-on practice while learning.

Virtual Events: Broadcasting One to Many

We have move towards Virtual Reality and 3D interface to conduct our Internal Townhall and Felicitation ceremony. The result was a seamlessly immersive, inclusive, and green experience to the participants.

Trainers Felicitation 2019 Virtual Conference

We use Intelligent Virtual Assistant in our internal events to help attendees stay organised and learn new things. FILIPA or FIL intelligent personal assistant is an interpretation of what the future might look like in terms of content consumption. This is an AI powered screen which has technologies like face recognition and gesture control in built to engage with user. The entire experience works by identifying the user's face and personalising the journey. The intelligent personal assistant is a fascinating new technology which helps to curate content as per the event. We had used the intelligent personal assistant to conduct internal event like Long Service Awards, where it showed the employee personal journey.

A sneak peek to the FILIPA, POC

Filipa 1.0

Filipa 2.0

The combined aggregate of these approaches helps us to build a credible level of organisational learning on those innovative and new/ emerging areas, that then enables us to practise, explore and build a good understanding of these new emerging areas in a safe environment.

We want innovation to be at the heart of everything we do and is reflected in the culture of Fidelity. It plays out not just in the realm of technology, but also drives how we collaborate with each other.

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