Learning and Development @ Fidelity

Fidelity recognises that its people are its most valuable asset. It is essential that we have the skills and knowledge we need to carry out our roles effectively.

Fidelity is committed to providing a learning culture, where colleagues are encouraged to learn and develop their careers with us and supports its people to develop skills with practical, timely and relevant learning solutions.

Learner Engagement: Here’s what our people have to say

Grow Together | Energise by investing in yourself

70% of learning is through experience gained 'on the job'. This is the opportunity to continuously learn every day at work through the challenges you encounter and overcome, practising tasks and doing new things.

20% of learning occurs through social learning; learning and develop through others. Opportunities for social learning can occur from your network, conferences, a mentor or a coach, online forums and communities.

10% of learning is more formal training; classroom training, virtual course e-learning as well as professional qualifications gained outside of Fidelity. This learning is maximised when you combine it with applying what you learn 'on the job' (the 70%) and continuing to practice and reflect on your learning with others (the 20%).

 Fidelity encourages Diverse Ways of Learning

People learn in different ways. Fidelity believes learning is a continuous journey rather than a training course. Fidelity's role is to encourage and support employees to continuously learn and develop by providing learning tools, technology and the right environment.

 Learning is empowerment

In this VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) where change is a constant, learning agility is critical. At Fidelity, we encourage employees to take ownership for their learning and drive their careers. This is by making available learning opportunities and encouraging a culture of continuous learning and development. 

 Learning happens in real life

We learn when we’re challenged. Learning doesn’t only happen in a classroom, we learn on-the-job, every day. 

 Learning is personal

Everyone has their own preferences and motivations about how, when and what they learn. We want every colleague to know how they learn and actively shape your own experiences.

 Learning is social

We learn from each other. We turn to each other for advice, information and help. Fidelity engages in Learning fairs and festivals that bring together our diverse groups of employees and puts a spotlight on our culture of learning by means of exciting conversations and activities.

Our Learning Offerings

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